About me & Oliver…..


Alexandra Poole. Wife to Rich, Mama to Oliver. I’ve always wanted to write a blog but never felt like I was passionate enough about anything to sit and write about it, until I had Oliver! Having Oliver has given me so much joy, a love for photography and a baby clothing obsession! I’ll be using this blog for a creative outlet for all things baby, pregnancy, our family stories and anything else I have found helpful along the way!


A bit more about me… I’m 25 and live in Birmingham. I went to university in Sheffield where I trained as an Adult Nurse, I have recently gone back to work after maternity leave! My husband and I have been married for two years in August and have been together since 2011. We have a fox red Labrador called Archie who gets treated like the second baby in the house!


Rich and I had always knew we wanted children so when we found out we were pregnant with Oliver we were over the moon! I suffered from Hyperemisis Gravidarum when pregnant so it was a bit of a roller-coaster of a pregnancy but other than that it was lovely! I would definitely like more children in the future but for now one is more than enough (little monkey!). When Oliver was born he was poorly for quite a while and eventually diagnosed with severe Cows Milk Protein Allergy and Silent Reflux (That will be a very long blog post!), he had a rough few months but now his allergies and reflux are under control and hes a healthy happy soon to be one year old!


You will also find me over on Instagram (my husband calls me an insta addict!), I’m regularly uploading pictures of mine and Oliver’s adventures!


Thanks for reading!


Alex (2)