Oliver’s Bedtime Routine…


Hello Everyone!

When Oliver was a newborn we didn’t really have a strict daily routine in mind but we had decided we wanted to do the same bedtime routine every night to try and get Oliver into a good sleeping pattern (if such thing actually exists?)!


We started this routine from about 8 weeks old and have stuck to it ever since, it took a few weeks but ever since Oliver has usually gone down to bed at 6-6:30 every night unless he is unwell or teething is upsetting him!


Once Oliver has finished his tea we start his bedtime routine, so he usually goes upstairs and plays with his toys while his bath runs. Since he has been on a dairy free diet his eczema has been much better but he is still prone to flare ups so we like to use products that are gentle on his skin! We’ve been using Child’s Farm since Oliver was a newborn and we love it! All their products smell amazing, are safe to use on sensitive and eczema prone skin and dont contain any parabens or other nasties! At the moment we’re using the Organic Strawberry & Mint shampoo and conditioner which smells good enough to eat (I could actually eat Oliver after his bath!). We also always brush Oliver’s teeth in the bath too as it can sometimes be a messy job! We use the Brush Baby applemint toothpaste and a Brush Baby toothbrush. Once his hair is washed and teeth are brushed he plays with all his lovely bath toys that the lovely people from Nuby sent us (he actually cries when we try to get him out!). We’ve also popped one of the Munchkin Dandy Dots bathmat as Oliver is a little wriggle bum and slips all over the bath!


Once he’s out of the bath I wrap him up in a towel, close the blinds and put some soft lighting on so that he knows its bedtime.



Once dry I then cover Oliver’s skin in Kokoso Organic Coconut Oil, this oil smells lovely and keeps his skin lovely and soft! It feels nourishing and moisturising without leaving your little one greasy (and impossible to dress!). I then pop his nappy and pyjamas on, we always use Tesco nappies for bedtime as they are the only ones I have used that never leak (and I’ve tried so many!).


Oliver now sleeps in a sleeping bag for bedtime and naps during the day, he also wont go to sleep without his comforter. It was a Christmas comforter given to him by his Auntie Abbey for his first Christmas but he got so attached to it he now sleeps with a reindeer all year round! He usually has a 7-8oz bottle and then after that we put him down in his cot, say “night night” and shut the door. Occasionally if he’s being a little monkey he will throw his comforter out of the cot so either me or my husband will run back up and give it him but he usually will fall asleep after 10-15 minutes of rolling around and cuddling his comforter!


Then its time for Mummy and Daddy to put their feet up (maybe with a gin & tonic!).

All ready for bed in his big boy pyjamas!

Post bath crazy hair!

That’s our bedtime routine, hope you all enjoyed it!


Alex (2)


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